Don’t Forget This Details After Purchasing a Home

One issue that arises frequently when you are purchasing and mortgaging a new home is a failure for your mortgage company to provide mortgage instructions to your lawyer. The lawyer wants to have mortgage instructions in their office a week prior to the purchase so that the appropriate mortgage documents can be prepared, the searches ordered, and a meeting with you the mortgagor, can be arranged, etc.

However, very often those mortgage instructions do not arrive into the lawyer’s office until the last minute.

Sometimes, everything else going on in the office has to be dropped or delayed so that your mortgage can be prepared and signed in time for your possession. If that occurs, the cost to prepare your mortgage will increase.

There is little or nothing that your lawyer can do to speed up this process. It will be your obligation to ensure that your mortgage broker has completed his or her file and passed your mortgage application on to your mortgagee.

Check with your mortgage broker in the weeks leading up to your possession date to ensure that your mortgage application is complete, that all of the conditions have been met and that there will be no hiccups.

You will save your money and have peace of mind of knowing that your home purchase is proceeding as it should.

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