A Home Inspector can often play a valuable role in your home purchase decision. Not only are inspectors trained to recognize the telltale signs of a problem but they may be a valuable asset for any claim you might end up having with the Vendor of your new home.

In one case, I was looking at some pictures a client sent me of a problem she had found in a new home she had purchased the weekend before. After two days in the house she noticed some of the parging had fallen off of the concrete foundation near the front door. She asked what could be done as she thought the problem had occurred prior to her taking possession but she couldn’t be sure.

Her Home Inspector was able to provide the evidence we needed. He, when doing the inspection, had looked at that particular area and had made notes stating that the parging was in good shape when he viewed the home one month ago.

The parging was obviously damaged while the Vendor was still in possession of the home and it was therefore his job to fix it.

Thank you Home Inspector.