While a large proportion of my real estate practice comes to me via my connection with realtors, I don’t want to point fingers, but I am increasingly finding that both Buyers and Sellers are not being served well by their realtors. My issue to discuss in this blog post is a Seller’s realtor who failed to disclose to the Buyer’s realtor a flood in the basement of a home that is being transferred.

Did the Seller’s realtor think that the Buyer and Buyer’s realtor wouldn’t notice the fact that the basement carpet was soaked?

It turns out that the problem was a one time event and that the cause has been located and remedied that evening. When I called to make inquiries, the Buyer’s Realtor, rather than apologizing for his oversight, told me that my clients were overreacting and that their complaints were “&%^$$#@”.

The point is that you, Buyers and Sellers, ought to choose your realtors carefully. Ask some of their former clients (not ones they have referred to you) for an honest assessment. Check them out online, do a quick Google search for their name, read their reviews.

Do your due diligence before purchasing the greatest asset of your life. You’ll be glad you did.